Split By Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are like digital Post-Its that you can stick to your PDF. The text inside the sticky note will be used as a title for the splitted PDF.

Split By Bookmarks

Use this form to split up your PDF by its bookmarks.

Warning: large files may be affected. Keep in mind the demonstrative nature of this application when using this function.

Split By Pagecount

Using this form you can split a PDF based on a preferred number of pages. If you enter "10" into this form, you'll receive a number of PDF's with 10 pages each. Default value is 1. If you leave out the page count field or if you input an incorrect number of pages, the iText Splitter will use the default value.

Split By Page Numbers

Use this form to split your PDF into smaller pieces by deciding which page will be the first of each PDF.

For example: You want to split your 50-page PDF into three pieces, the first one from page 1 to page 3, the second one from page 4 to page 40 and the last one from page 41 to page 50. You would then enter "4,41" into the page numbers field.

Split By Page Ranges

Split you PDF by providing us with the ranges we should split the PDF upon.

An example of a few ranges would be: "15,18,19;33,38,40;50". Note the use of the semicolons to indicate a new range.